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Computer Science Timeline and Resumes for Guy Simonian

Cotal Systems Inc was initially set up to market contracted software programming services to former Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) clients. Guy Simonian, CEO entrepreneur named his company Cotal Systems, with the name "Cotal" as an inspired derivation of "Talcott" from "Talcott Mountain Science Center" where he previously worked. Cotal Systems marketed a software conversion tool that would generate new Windows Visual Basic applications from legacy DEC applications. Cotal contracted embedded software engineers to WaterJet Systems Inc in Huntsville Alabama, Peoplesoft programming services to the Public Service Company of North Carolina and Y2K conversion experts to the Hartford Steam Boiler company. A service was marketed to recruiters purchasing resumes in bulk and posting jobs online. As the Internet grew in popularity the online service morphed into a booming full service people search and investigation company. The B2C consumer people search company delivered 12,000 investigator driven individual people searches before adopting total automation at which point they processed hundreds of thousands of requests. The investigator B2C domains and businesses were sold off and in its place, a B2B boutique diligence investigation company was formed called Check Fund Manager.


Early Internet People Search Company Story